July 27, 2022

Living with your partner – inequalities for cohabitants

27th July, 2022 For those people who live together without obtaining legal recognition ( e.g. entering civil partnership or marriage) can create future financial headaches! This week the Irish Law Society highlighted some in their Budget submission for 2022 :- TAXATION OF SURVIVING QUALIFYING COHABITANT Item 27 of the Third […]
July 8, 2022

Solicitor barred from practice for not paying train fares

8th July, 2022 A young solicitor who began evading train fares within a year of being admitted has been struck off the roll in England and Wales. Adam Kemeny avoided paying around £650 in fares to travel from east London to Redhill in Kent, but was found out in October […]
July 7, 2022

Access to Birth Information in Ireland

7th July, 2022 BIRTH INFORMATION AND TRACING ACT 2022  No. 14/2022. An Act to make further and better provision in respect of access by certain persons to information concerning their origins and, for that purpose, to provide for the access by adopted persons and persons who have been the subject of […]
July 6, 2022

Largest award ever for unfair dismissal

5th July, 2022 In a recent Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) decision — A Sales Executive -v- A Software Company — the WRC awarded the sum of €329,199 to an employee in what is understood to be the largest award for unfair dismissal ever made in Ireland. The action related to […]