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Do you need a witness or commissioner for oaths when signing documents?

For over 80 years, our team at Holland Condon Solicitors have provided clients with a professional Commissioner for Oaths service.

We are registered as Commissioner for Oaths to swear legal and other documents.

There is no need to make an appointment with us when you need a document witnessed by a Commissioner for Oaths. All you need to do is telephone to ensure that a solicitor is around and immediately, call over to our legal offices located in Castlecomer, County Kilkenny. There is a fee for this work, and we should be able to give you an idea when you first telephone.

When calling you must sign in our presence and bring with you to show the Commissioner for Oaths, your passport, residency permit and two utility bills to prove your address. You cannot bring a document signed by someone else and ask the Commissioner to witness it.

In addition, all these documents executed by the Commissioner are “Oaths”. So, if you are religious, you must bring your religious book (Bible, Koran etc.) with you and you will be asked to swear on it that you are telling the truth. Otherwise (where you’ve no religion), you will complete an affirmation that you are telling the truth. If you execute a document which is untrue then the consequences are the same as perjury in a court case.

Commissioner for Oaths - Solicitor - Kilkenny

In order to have some document witnessed by a Commissioner, you need to bring the original and a copy to the Commissioner.

How can you book an appointment with our Solicitors?

You can contact us today by phone or email to book an appointment with one of our solicitors.

How much is it for Commissioner for Oaths?

A Commissioner for Oaths fee is generally set down by Regulations issued by the Government of Ireland. The fee is quite small and it is based on a fee per signature, per document.


Do you need to be present when signing the document?

Yes, the person making the Oath or Declaration must be present with us as they have to swear they are telling the truth and they must do it in our presence. We do not provide internet Commissioner for Oaths. If a person cannot call to the office, we can travel to them.


Do you travel outside of the office to do Commissioner for Oaths?

Yes, we will travel to your house or office, but, please be advised that there is an additional expense for such a package.


We do not have the Affidavit or Declaration and we want you to type it, can you do this?

Yes, we can do it for you, but, it is quite expensive. If you wish us to type up the document, then, you must have the exact wording from whatever institution or body that you are dealing with so that we can ensure every aspect is covered. Get the institution to e-mail you or to post to you, the exact wording they require in any Affidavit or Declaration.

We can draft a Declaration or Affidavit, however, we do not take responsibility or liability if there are any omissions, unless you have provided us with a proforma or an instruction setting out exactly what is required.


Do we need to make an appointment for Commissioner for Oaths?

No, you do not need to make an appointment nor will we give you one. If you specifically require an appointment with us, then, there is an additional consultation fee as you are taking up time allocated for clients to which we provide legal services.

All you need to do, is telephone our office, and see that a Commissioner for Oaths is available, at which point you can come into the office and be seen in our reception as quick as possible.

There may be circumstances where a consultation is required to prepare an Affidavit, and in those circumstances, we charge a Solicitor's consultation fee as set out in our reception noticeboard and on our website. This is in addition to the Commissioner for Oaths fees.

Can I post the document that I have signed to you or get a friend/family member to bring the document to you so that you can do the Commissioner for Oaths?

No. We can only sign a document as Commissioner for Oaths, in the presence of the person swearing and signing the document. This person needs to be known to us or provide evidence of identity to us by way of original passport or original driving licence.

What documents can you sign?

There are a wide variety of documents that we can sign as not only are we Commissioner for Oaths, but, we are Practising Solicitors in Ireland , registered on the Roll of Solicitors in Ireland and also registered on the Roll of Solicitors for England and Wales.

If you are unsure as to who can sign the documents for you, then, check with the institution or the body to whom you are sending the document. Ask them Can a Practising Irish Solicitor who is also a Commissioner for Oaths, witness this document?

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