Concerns on UK sending asylum seekers to Rwanda

Apr 29, 2024

29th April, 2024

As the Republic of Ireland suffers an influx of additional people, seeking protection, coming across the border with Northern Ireland, it is interesting to see the expressions of concern over the Rwanda transfer process by the English and Welsh Law society, who state today :-

The Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Act 2024 came into force last week. We are deeply disappointed that its constitutional and human impacts were not reduced, but we are proud to have strongly promoted and defended the rule of law throughout its passage through Parliament.

We have been at the forefront of monitoring and analysing government plans to remove migrants who arrive in the UK through irregular means to a ‘safe third country’.

The Safety of Rwanda Bill was introduced to parliament in December 2023 to formally implement the Rwanda-UK asylum partnership and treaty.

We have consistently expressed our concerns that the bill sets a dangerous legal and constitutional precedent by legislating to overturn an evidence-based finding of fact by UK courts that Rwanda is an unsafe country to send asylum seekers to.

We have continually raised concerns that the rule of law and access to justice are being corroded, all for a policy that will have limited impact.

However, it will have a devastating impact on the small group of individuals who are selected to be removed to Rwanda, including potential victims of trafficking and children.

Our proposals would have mitigated the worst constitutional and practical objections to the bill. They were well supported, and were reflected in the last amendment on which the House of Lords held out.

We are deeply disappointed with the government’s failure to engage with the improvements to the bill passed multiple times by the House of Lords.

Although the Safety of Rwanda Act has now come into force, we will continue our work to defend the rule of law in how it is implemented.

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