Buying property with no maps – Imagine that!

May 30, 2024

30th May, 2024

Would you buy a property without seeing and surveying a map ?

Some people do and this is just crazy!

The Irish Law Society issued an advisory note that this should not be done. They say the Conveyancing Committee has been contacted by members of the profession and has been requested to give guidance where no map of the property in sale is being made available with Contracts for Sale of a new build property within a residential development, and the purchaser is expected to enter into a Contract for Sale in circumstances where no map has been provided to show the location of the unit in sale or indeed the size of the site in sale.

The committee is of the view that this practice is not in keeping with good conveyancing practice and that a purchaser is entitled to receive, at the very least, a suitable map clearly identifying the property in sale and its location within the estate at contract stage.

Seems the smart thing to do.

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