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Who will you sue if you’re injured – maybe it’s more than one

In most cases, it will be obvious, who you will claim from. Put simply, it’s the person who is to blame for the accident and who caused it.

However, in some cases there may be other parties whom you may not have considered and who should be sued.

For example, if you’re a passenger in a car, which is involved in a crash with another vehicle, it may seem that the accident is entirely the other driver’s fault. However, it may be also necessary to name the driver of the car you were travelling in as part of your claim.

This is important as it may later turn out that the driver of your car was partly responsible. If you fail to name them as a party, then any award you get may be reduced because of your failure to name all responsible parties.

So, failing to include all relevant parties (or naming any of them incorrectly on the Injuries Board application form) can lead to horror stories resulting in a failure to be able to be fully compensated by the party or parties, who are actually liable.

Getting the correct identity of all the people you should claim against is one of the most important things you have to do and you should not leave it to chance. And so is identifying all those parties who need to be claimed against.

It is possible for a court to decide that a number of different parties are to be blamed for an injury. All these parties must be sued.