Variety of Compensation awards – a legal newsbrief by Holland Condon Solicitors Kilkenny

Nov 21, 2012

The High Court continues to sit in Kilkenny City this week. Judges Moriarity and Mc Govern are presiding over injury claims being made by people injured at work, on the road, in car accidents and public places.

Any cases that this firm were involved in, settled before going into the Court at all. This was of great relief to some of our clients, who prefer that the settlement figures are not made public, which is one drawback to letting a case go into Court.

Most cases are not settling this week as insurance companies try to put more stress on innocent victims making paltry offers to them, and in the hope that the victim of an accident will be too nervous to go to Court.

As a result, there is a backlog in Kilkenny City. A few cases did go into the Court in Kilkenny. The highest award so far was €300,000 for very serious injuries. Court continues until this Friday.

– a legal newsbrief by Holland Condon Solicitors Kilkenny

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