The Lower Courts will be able to award greater sums for injury compensation and accident claims – a legal update from Kilkenny Solicitors Holland Condon

Nov 14, 2013

The amount of money that the lower courts in Ireland can award is due to be increased.

The District Court will increase to €15,000 for all cases and the Circuit Court to €75,000 for all cases except those involving personal injuries which will have a limit of €60,000. The relevant Act allowing for these changes was passed at the end of July 2013 but the commencement has been delayed by necessary amendments to the rules of the various courts.

Our understanding is that this process is nearly complete and the order allowing for the new jurisdictional limits will be in place for the start of the new term in January 2014. There remains the possibility that they may commence sooner though the Minister for Justice has recently indicated January as his new target. In addition, substantial amendments to the civil procedure rules of the District Court and the scales of costs attached to them are expected.

– a legal update from Kilkenny Solicitors Holland Condon

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