Support Rural Communities in Ireland

Jan 25, 2017

Commenting on the Government’s action plan to support rural communities, John Hurley, Chief Executive of Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce said, “The ‘Realising our Rural Potential’ Plan is an important indication of Government commitment to supporting rural communities and the rural economy across Ireland. Kilkenny Chamber robustly supports the vitality and determination of rural businesses and this Action Plan is a key component of a series of strategic initiatives. This includes the roll out of the National Broadband Plan and the development of a National Planning Framework that, when delivered, will allow rural businesses to grow and develop within their communities.


Our long term strategy for rural Ireland must be to support our regions and rural communities in achieving their full potential in terms of economic development. Initiatives such as the Regional Action Plans for Jobs and the development of an Atlantic Economic Corridor have the potential to prove transformational for the economic development of the regions, but they will require a sustained focus from policy makers and significant capital investment over the coming years if they are to prove effective. Vibrant rural communities within strong regions will ensure the long term sustainability of rural life in Ireland.”

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