Solicitor’s fees, lawyer’s bills and Legal fees = why are they so expensive ??

Sep 21, 2011

Like everyone,we like to get value for money. No one likes to be ripped off, or feel that they are overcharged.

One maxim is very true and it’s “you get what you pay for”.

Recently, we received our financial accounts. It shows us that to stay open, it costs us €167 per solicitor per hour to have the doors open for business. Now, that’s just to pay wages, insurance costs, rent and all our overheads. So, in order to just break-even (i.e. not make a profit) each solicitor in this firm has to be making over €167 per hour.

People pay for our time. You can see from the above that our costs are driving up the fees we charge you. That’s it, plain and simple !

Holland Condon Solicitors, solicitors based in Kilkenny

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