Setanta (in liquidation) – Payment from Insurance Compensation Fund – the sorry saga continues

May 25, 2018

On Friday 11 May 2018, President Kelly made an order that where the liquidator has advised the Accountant of the Courts of Justice that there are solicitors on record for a claimant, the cheque (made payable to the claimant) will be sent by the Accountant to the solicitor on record.

The terms of this order were agreed between the Accountant and the Law Society following the Law Society’s application in this regard.

A further issue remains as to whether 100% or merely 65% of a claimant’s costs are recoverable from the Fund. The Law Society has raised this matter before President Kelly. It has been listed for July 2018 in the hope that there will be significant progress in the legislation required to implement the Government’s Scheme to  increase the level of Insurance Compensation Fund coverage for third party motor claims from 65% to 100% in the meantime.

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