Need information on financial accounts of non-profit organisations e.g. charities

Jun 9, 2016

The Benefacts project has recently gone live – Benefacts is a non-governmental organisation that provides free public access to extensive information about the entire non-profit sector in Ireland including financial accounts.

This new database of civil society organisations in Ireland includes charities, philanthropies, sports bodies, political, human rights and advocacy organisations, business and trade associations. They aim to make all Irish non-profits more accessible and transparent, reduce bureaucratic duplication for non- profit organisations and provide data to decision makers to support comparative and trend analysis nationally and internationally.

Benefacts collects public data from many public sources and publishes it in a harmonised format creating, for the first time, a single point of online access to the entire non-profit sector in Ireland. Benefacts lists more than 20,000 organisations that are separate from the private sector and from government, and that have been established for social, cultural or environmental good.

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