Most Irish people are happy with their Lawyer

Mar 9, 2016

Before Christmas, the Irish Law Society commissioned research company RED C to survey the attitudes of the Irish adult population towards solicitors and the Law Society. The research is the result of a telephone survey of a nationally representative sample of Irish adults.

The research has provided us with some very positive results relating to client satisfaction. Chief among these is that the public reports high levels of satisfaction with their own solicitor. The research shows that 78% of clients are satisfied with the overall service delivered by their solicitor, with just 13% stating that they were dissatisfied. When asked specifically about whether they were satisfied with the quality of advice offered by their solicitor, 77% indicated they were satisfied, while only 12% indicated that they were dissatisfied.

These figures are promising, but what is most heartening is that a full 80% of the public are satisfied with how trustworthy their solicitor is. We know that people turn to solicitors for help at critical points in their lives. They may be having difficulties in the workplace, buying or selling a home, arranging a will to protect their loved ones, dealing with family breakdown or appearing in court. These are matters that are highly confidential, personal and sensitive. It’s essential that when facing these challenges, people have someone in their corner they can trust.

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