Making provisions for your pet in your will

Jul 3, 2015

There are a few options to consider such as leaving the pet and a sum of money to:

  • an animal charity and asking the charity to find the pet an appropriate home
  • the executors with instructions as to the testators’ request as to whom they would like to look after the pet
  • a legatee with the condition that the legatee is required to look after the pet in order to receive the money, or
  • creating a trust limited to 21 years leaving funds to trustees to be used for the care of the animal with a gift over for when the pet dies.

The RSPCA has confirmed that it comes across problems involving pets and legacies quite regularly and that in every case where it has been left a pet to re-home, it has so far been successful. Anyone wanting advice on drawing up specific clauses involving the RSPCA undertaking care of an animal can contact the RSPCA’s for more information.

The Dogs Trust and some dog shelters will also take on the responsibility for the pets of someone who dies.

Further options would be to include a purpose trust for pets or humane euthanasia clause in the will.

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