Making a claim for injuries – what information do I bring to the solicitor

Jul 6, 2017

At our initial meeting or initial telephone call, we don’t need you to bring any information. Obviously, photographs, names of parties are helpful but not essential. We first have to assess how likely it is for you to recover compensation for your injuries.

When we are preparing a claim to the Injuries Board we will need your name, your address, your PPS number, your telephone number, details of who treated you after the accident, details of how the accident happened, details of your injuries and a report from the medical expert (e.g. GP), who treated you after the incident.

We advise clients to keep a diary in relation to their injuries. This diary should include details of any medical appointments that you attend, days on which you experience pain and what you are doing when you experience this pain.

The better a record you keep of what happens to you, the better able you will be to recover the full value of your claim. You should never exaggerate what happened to you but, you should not lose out on what you are entitled to because you have managed to forget how awful things were as time goes by or by not telling your doctor every minor injury. One of the most important things you can do is to write things down as you go along so that you can refer back to your notes whenever you are asked about it.

We also advise that they keep copies of any receipts for any out-of-pocket expenses, treatment fees, travelling details or other losses incurred due to your accident and/or treatment of your injuries.

At our first consultation, we need to see an original passport or driver’s licence to prove your identity, and 2 bills or official state letters proving your residential address – just like when you buy a phone or open a bank account.

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