Job Related accidents in Kilkenny – a legal article by Holland Condon Solicitors Kilkenny

Oct 9, 2012

Thirteen workplace personal injury awards were delivered in County Kilkenny last year – with an average amount of €28,151 – according to data from

This was an increase of 4 over the numbered made in previous year. The most common causes of workplace accidents were slips, trips and falls, defective equipment and poor lifting and handling of goods.

According to, which assesses most personal injury claims, the two most common concerns from personal injury claimants after a work related accident are: (1) When is the right time to go back to work, and (2) will the timing impact the value of the award?’s tips to aid recovery include: seek medical advice; return to normal activities, including work, as soon as your doctor allows; and try to return to the workplace on a gradual basis, perhaps building-up slowly to your usual hours.

A personal injury award comprises two parts: general damages (compensation for pain and suffering) and special damages (to ensure that the person is not out of pocket as a result of the accident through loss of earnings and expenses).

– a legal article by Holland Condon Solicitors Kilkenny

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