Is First Consultation Free in accident claims good enough ? – an opinion on aspects of Irish Legal practice by kilkenny law firm Holland Condon

Sep 9, 2014

I say “yes” it is ! We offer this to potential clients on the basis that we will recover the cost of the consultation through suing the responsible party; and, getting them to pay the majority of the costs of the case.

Some Solicitors try to put cold water on this in an attempt to show themselves in good light. I read one particular blog by a Cork based accident claim firm.

They said – “First of all, it’s too much too early.  It’s like proposing marriage when you first meet someone.  You don’t really know anything about them or whether you’re happy to work with them so why should you have to take time off work, get someone to mind the kids and travel to their office for a consultation in a strange environment to discuss some of your most personal affairs with someone you’ve never met before ? ”

My answer is that this is a load of poetical nonsense ! You want advice so why not get it for free ! You don’t have to travel to the solicitors firm, you can phone them. If you’re worried about revealing personal details to a certified professional solicitor, you can withhold names addresses etc. until you are sure you want to deal with that solicitor.

They also say – “One little consultation is hardly going to be enough to find out all about you and your case to be able to understand what it’s all about.  And, more importantly, one consultation may not be enough for you to find out all about them and how they work and to get answers to all of your questions.  What if it’s going to take more than one consultation?  Where will you stand then?  What kind of follow up can you expect?  Will you have to pay for it?”

My answer to this bull, is to say -who said it’s a “little consultation” ?  In our firm, we meet people, who feel they may be entitled to injury compensation, for as long as it takes to ascertain the chances of success with their case, and advise them on what next to do. Hopefully, they will come back to us and use our services, but, if not, they are armed with enough knowledge to take the next few steps.

The first consultation, whether or not its free, is about building up a trust that can only be done face to face and not by some online form filling. The same firm our suggesting their online assessment form with no face to face meeting is somehow the best ! hmmm, I wonder…….

Yes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That’s why I said at the start of this rant, we will get the cost of it through the litigation process.

Be wary of solicitors who “over-promote” their “qualities”.

– an opinion on aspects of Irish Legal practice by kilkenny law firm Holland Condon

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