Irish solicitors may get specialist accreditation

Jun 9, 2015

Solicitors cannot currently claim specialist knowledge in advertisements or other communications. This is a long established rule that is currently under review by a Committee of the Irish Law Society.

So, for example, if you specialize in accident claims, you would be able to get a special accreditation for this and be able to advertise it.

The Law Society has set up a Practitioners’ Accreditation Sub-Committee to consider whether an accreditation scheme for solicitors in a prescribed area of law or practice should be introduced. Initially, the sub-committee is looking at accreditation in criminal law, employment law and family law (including child law).

They are also considering the process for, and period of, accreditation in other jurisdictions, namely Scotland, England and Wales, Australia and the US. The qualification process in other jurisdictions includes, for example, specified years of experience, academic study, authorship of books/articles and written examinations.

Presently, 9th June, 2015, the sub-committee are also inviting written submissions from bar associations and individual firms/solicitors and the public on the proposal. You can email your submission to Yvonne Keating at .

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