Ireland = Injuries Board Procedure – a legal update by Kilkenny Law Firm Holland Condon Solicitors

Jul 4, 2012

If you suffer an injury through an accident, caused by another party, then you are obliged to initially lodge your application for compensation with the Injuries Board.

That’s part of what we do for anyone , who uses our accident claim services.

Over the last 6 weeks, we have applied for compensation in respect of injuries received by a number of separate clients. We note that it is taking an incredible 3 weeks for the Injuries Board to acknowledge receipt of the compensation application! That’s hardly efficient.

If they take so long to deal with a claimant’s injury claim, then this prolongs the time it takes to get money/compensation for the innocent victim of an accident.

– accident advice note by Kilkenny Law Firm Holland Condon Solicitors

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