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Mar 30, 2012

It would appear that insurance companies are approaching victims of accidents with offers of compensation. In one situation, a client of mine was offered settlement terms as he waited for the tow truck to collect his crashed car!!

Despite what they say, insurance companies are out to make money and not to look after you. If they can get away with giving you a small amount for your injuries then they make more money.

Quinn Direct car insurance were notorious for contacting injured people offering to settle their claim. We experienced them going behind our backs and writing directly to our clients with offers; even where a court compensation claim was being made. They appeared to stop at nothing.

Recently, I settled a claim for someone, who received a neck injury and a back injury in a car crash. Originally, they were offered €10,000 in 2009. Last year, when we issued a compensation claim in the High Court, Quinn wrote directly to the client and offered €35,000. We settled the injury claim last month for in excess of €60,000.

If you are unfortunate enough to be injured in an accident, don’t talk to the insurance company without at least discussing it with a solicitor.

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