Injuries Board Report 2011 – Holland Condon injury advice solicitors in Kilkenny

Mar 15, 2012

The Injuries Board published their report for 2011 on 9th March, 2012. One of the most interesting statistics is that Kilkenny remains the county with the lowest number of injury claims per head of population!

The Board also confirmed that during 2011 it crossed two significant milestones since its establishment in mid 2004. These included its 50,000th Award and total award values since inception now exceeding €1 billion. The Board was established in 2004 to stem excessive personal injury processing costs – a significant driver of higher insurance premiums – and to expedite assessments.

Commenting, Ms Patricia Byron, Chief Executive, Injuries said: “Having made our 50,000th award in 2011, it is appropriate to review how the Board has performed against expectations. At year end 2011, motor insurance was 22% cheaper than a decade earlier, claims that previously took three years to resolve are now typically resolved within seven months and total overhead savings – direct and indirect – are estimated at over half a billion euro. In addition we remain fully self funding and, as of last December, we repaid in full our original establishment costs, of €7m to the Exchequer.”

Our experience in Holland Condon Solicitors Kilkenny is the average resolution of a Injury Board claim is 19 months. We accept that their has been significant savings for insurance companies with costs being passed on to the claimant. Now costs end up being paid out of the claimant’s award whereas, in the past, the insurance companies paid most of the claimant’s costs.

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