Injuries Board – don’t be fooled by their claim of independence – an opinion by Holland Condon Solicitors based in Kilkenny

Feb 22, 2013

The injury board is constantly promoting themselves as a fair and independent body when their attitude to the legal profession has been anything but filled with prejudice.

This body was set up at the behest of insurance companies and, essentially, they want to see cost of claims coming down – including the amount of compensation.

Why is it that –
— they never accept the contents of the claimant’s medical report and go off engaging their own doctor ?
— the doctors employed by them were once insurance doctors, who have an anti claimant attitude in the first place ?
— why have they written directly to claimants when claimants have specifically requested them to write to appointed solicitors ?

Don’t be fooled by this body – get proper advice from actually qualified professionals !

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