Holidays can be earned even whilst sick – proposed in new Workplace Relations Bill 2014

Feb 25, 2015

The Workplace Relations Bill 2014 includes a provision which will amend section 19 of the Organisation of Working Time Act 1997, with the effect that where an employee has been absent from work by reason of certified illness, he/she shall be deemed to have been at the place of work, and performing the duties of his/her employment. This leave will accrue during the leave year, or within six months of the leave year, or, where the employee was unable to take any annual leave in that leave year due to illness, within a 15-month period from the end of that leave year.

This change (if signed into law) will have a significant cost impact for employers, particularly SMEs, who may have employees returning from long term sick-leave who will have accrued paid annual leave.

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