High Court arrangements for hearing injury cases in 2022 with Covid-19 still present

Apr 6, 2022

6th April, 2022

Covid-19 continues to have a serious impact on public health and availability of litigants, witnesses, court staff and members of the judiciary. In this context, following consultation with the legal professions and other stakeholders, the President of the High Court, Ms Justice Mary Irvine, has determined that the following measures will apply to High Court business until further notice.

High Court Personal Injuries proceedings: Unless otherwise ordered, all cases will receive a physical hearing. Parties are encouraged to avail of hybrid hearings wherever possible. However, personal injuries actions may be heard remotely where the parties agree or by direction of the Court. A hybrid hearing will be used to call over the list each morning at 10.30am.

High Court Injury claim hearings in Kilkenny and Waterford: Subject to compliance by practitioners with any public health and safety guidance as may be in place and such other directions as may be given by the judge in charge of the list, proceedings at provincial venues will continue on the following basis:

  • The default position will be that, until further notice, all actions at provincial venues will be listed for a physical hearing. Legal practitioners are nonetheless encouraged to ensure that only necessary witnesses attend court and that hybrid hearings be availed of, where possible.
  • If parties are agreed that an action or the evidence of one or more witnesses should be heard remotely, the Court will, where possible, facilitate that request. In the absence of consent, any party may apply for such an order to the judge in charge of the provincial list. Notice of any such application should be given in writing to the opposing party at least two clear days in advance of any such application.
  • The daily call over at provincial venues will take place in such mode as may be directed by the presiding judge subject only to the restriction that numbers in the courtroom must not exceed any limit prescribed by the Court Service for health and safety reasons.

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