Fairness of Injury awards and compensation – an observation by Holland Condon Solicitors in Kilkenny

Jan 23, 2013

One of the ideas behind compensation in accident claims is to put the person in the position they were immediately before the accident.

So, if as a result of an accident you are out of work, then, you should receive as part of your compensation from the courts, your lost wages.

Agreed ? …… Yes ?

So, if you win your case, you expect that the others should pay all your costs ? …. Yes ! you would expect that, but it ain’t the case.

Generally, you will only get about €300 for a medical report from the court, yet we know of doctors charging up to €600 for injury reports on patients. And, we need these reports for cases.

So, who pays ?…… the victim of the negligence ! It comes out of their compensation award ?

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