English Land Registry prepares to go paperless !! – an update on legal news from Holland Condon Solicitors in Kilkenny

Jun 4, 2014

From Monday 30 June,2014, the English Land Registry will no longer require original documents to be sent when you apply to change the register of a registered property by post or through an electronic channel.

Instead, Land Registry only need certified copies of deeds or documents to be sent with applications.

If you send an original document after June 30, Land Registry will accept it, but it will be scanned and then destroyed.

Land Registry currently returns original documents that are submitted with certified copies. After June 30, this will no longer happen: Land Registry will destroy both the original document and certified copies after scanning.

This change does not apply to first registrations – applications for first registration will need original documents.

Land Registry has made this change to align the registration processes for paper applications and applications made through e-DRS (e-DRS only accepts certified copies).

One wonders how long it will be before the Irish Land registry follows suit.

– an update on legal news from Holland Condon Solicitors in Kilkenny

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