Dead prisoner came back alive in body bag – Spain

Feb 16, 2018

A prisoner, who was confirmed dead by three doctors, woke up snoring on an autopsy table hours before he was “ready to be opened up”.

Family members of Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez said he already had “autopsy marks on him”, ahead of the planned procedure.

Jiménez, jailed in Spain’s Asturias region, is thought to have suffered catalepsy. The condition causes a person’s vital signs to slow down until they are nearly imperceptible.

He had been bagged-up and taken to the Institute of Legal Medicine in the region’s capital Oviedo in early January, 2018.

Apparently, two prisoner doctors concluded he had clinical signs of death following a morning roll call and informed police, his next-of-kin and a local duty court as part of standard procedure. The court sent a forensic doctor, who was the one who confirmed his death.

Prison services said “We can’t comment on what happened at the Institute of Legal Medicine but three doctors have seen clinical signs of death so it’s still not clear at the moment exactly why this occurred.”


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