Company Meetings – a law note for accounting and law students

Mar 23, 2015

Shareholders meetings = general meetings – (elect chairperson)

Member = Shareholder → allows a discussion on activities of company and also allows fundamental decisions.



A.G.M. = must have one every year (see list & explanation)

E.G.M. = any meeting that is not an A.G.M. (see list & explanation)

[also Distinguish a Board of Directors meeting and its resolutions.  Similarities with notices, agenda, quorum, chairman etc.]



Resolutions = to resolve = to decide → decisions at meetings

Companies Act sets out how resolutions are to be passed.

See list Ordinary Resolution v Special Resolution

> 50%               v        ≥ 75%



Voting Procedure = Show of hands = 1 hand 1 vote (rarely used)

Poll = 1 share = 1 vote

(Proxy = substitute for a shareholder)


Procedure at Company General Meetings = see list.  Define quorum; minutes;chairman.


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