Companies Act, 2014 – an update

Jul 6, 2015

The Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation has published a Table of Origins and a Table of Destinations for the Companies Act 2014 (the ‘Act’).

  • For details see the Department’s website

It is essential to read the guidelines provided with the Tables in order to fully understand and use them correctly.  

The Companies Registration Office (“CRO”) has prepared three new CRO Forms with respect to directors’ declarations under the Summary Approval Procedure in sections 203, 204 and 205 of the Act. The use of these forms for directors’ declarations is not compulsory.

The CRO have indicated that these are administrative forms, which were prepared in order to make it easier for CRO staff to process directors’ declarations, and also to assist directors in making such declarations. There is therefore no requirement to use the forms.

Provided a directors’ declaration contains all of the information required by the Act, it should not be rejected by the CRO.

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