Commercial evictions during Covid 19 for rent non-payment

May 7, 2020

6th May, 2020

Dublin solicitors’ firm Sherwin O’Riordan has secured a High Court injunction for a furniture business preventing its eviction from its premises.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company was threatened with eviction after it was unable to pay its rent this month.

Not permissible

The company argued that the eviction was not permissible under the lease for the premises and the emergency measures introduced by the Government in response to the crisis. The furniture company was granted an injunction to remain in the premises.

David O’Riordan, partner and head of litigation in Sherwin O’Riordan, said the outcome of the proceedings was positive news for commercial tenants all over the country.

Potential evictions

“A number of businesses are experiencing potential evictions at this time, that is why the terms of leases and contracts are more important than ever now in protecting business owners from eviction,” he added.

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