Annual Taxes payable on Homes in Ireland 2014 – from a law firm based in Kilkenny Holland Condon

Jul 4, 2014

Recently, we have received a number of queries asking if NPPR tax is payable for this year(i.e. 2014). Consequently, we have decided to recap on the current state of play.

NPPR TAX – this tax is payable in respect of residences that are not your principal home or that of a non-paying relative eg rental properties and holiday homes must pay this tax. The tax is now replaced with the LPT tax listed below. NPPR was payable from 2009 -to- 2013 inclusive. If the tax has not been paid, then it should be. For more information visit

HOUSEHOLD CHARGE – another tax on any residential properties. It was around for one year in 2012 and has been replaced by LPT tax. The charge is still payable and you can visit

LPT TAX – this is the only tax currently payable on all residential accommodation and is based on the market value of the property. As a seller, you need to have it paid to date to be able to sell your house. As a buyer, you need to ensure the seller did not undervalue the property in their returns to revenue because if they did, you are obliged to “snitch” on them to revenue to avoid a fine !! Visit

– from a law firm based in Kilkenny “Holland Condon Solicitors”

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