No matter what size the property transaction is, you can be assured that we will provide you with up to date, valuable and independent advice in the purchasing or selling of any type of property. We understand that buying or selling property can be stressful, and we make it our job to ensure the minimum amount of stress for our clients. We also provide general advice regarding finance and in this regard, to ensure the firms independence, we are not tied to any financial institution. We want to make the property transaction as simple for you and to proceed without a hitch.

The legal jargon for this area of legal practice is called “conveyancing”. It’s a difficult area to work in but we would hope and we do strive to make it as stress-free as we possibly can. The law is changing almost on a daily basis, with new directives and regulations being passed.

It is also an area where consumers shop around for the best price. On this front, we advise all enquirers that in addition to price, you should look at how long the law firm is in business and who does your friend and family recommend.

If you obtain quotes from any Solicitors firms, then, you should look at what is their total bill. You should be given their bottom line figure i.e. not just what their fees are but also what figures they give you as regards likely expenses to be incurred. Get them to give you “an all in” quote = what are you going to pay in total for the work etc. You should compare their total to ours.

Remember, it is not just about getting the cheapest. You should bear in mind ability and quality of service. You would not employ a doctor, surgeon or eye specialist purely on price! I believe our quotes are competitive for the type of service we give. We are also proud to say we are in business for over 75 years.

Our job is to look after you and everyone here is part of your team. But, You are the captain!

When you engage our services, we will at the very beginning give you our written comprehensive set of guidelines, which may be of use to you in the transaction.

We hope you will consider our firm in the provision of services to you.

Remember, we can act for you no matter where you live in the world. Although, we are Kilkenny based solicitors, with internet/emails and electronic communications, we can keep in touch with you as if you lived next door!