Accidents & Personal Injury

We have a special litigation department, especially set up to deal with claims for accidents* and injuries*. It is unfortunate that people end up being injured in public places, at the work place, at home or on the street. If you have had an accident* or injury*, then you are entitled to seek legal advice. Once we take on your case, we can quickly call in engineers, surveyors, doctors and specialists to establish a good case for you and to ensure the best result and fair compensation to you.

We have a fully computerised custom built software system in our litigation department.

We should say that you don’t need to use a solicitor to make an injury* claim! You can make the compensation* claim yourself. In fact, the Irish Government’s policy is to encourage people not to use solicitors.

At every turn in the injury* claim process, the citizen is coaxed to do the claim themselves.

We would contend that this is unwise and that you should employ a solicitor (and we would like if you used us here in Kilkenny!) for the following reasons:

  • A personal injury* solicitor will know all the different types of losses you can claim. If you attempt to make your own claim, it is very likely you will not include all the losses that you are entitled to claim.
  • A personal injury* solicitor will be able to obtain more compensation for your injuries*. A personal injury* specialist solicitor will not only have access to the most recent law on the value of your injury*, but in addition will be taken far more seriously than you would be when any offers of compensation are made.
  • A personal injury* solicitor will know what evidence is necessary to prove your claim.
    With any injury* claim, the first thing you need to do is to establish that someone is to blame for the injury*. Just because you are injured does not mean you are entitled to compensation*.

You must also ask – does the person responsible for your injury* have insurance?

If they do not, then, the chances of recovering money reduce. Remember, whilst most people will have insurance, it’s not a certainty, nor is it a legal requirement to have insurance. Only in the case of motor vehicles that go on the public road – drivers must have insurance; and, even if they don’t the Irish Insurance industry will cover the claim through the MIBI.

If there is no insurance, great care is needed in making a decision to proceed against the responsible party. You could get a court award for huge money, but, at the end of the day, the Court Order is merely a piece of paper. It’s not cash, and to convert it to cash may take a long time and a lot of expenses. Think hard before suing an uninsured defendant.

In our specialist litigation department, we can help you and guide you through the various issues that arise in an injury* case. When you meet us, we have the skill to guide and advise you. We are proud to say that leading engineers, top surgeons, prominent barristers and a host of other eminent experts have strong links with this law firm in Kilkenny! As well as looking after your injury* compensation claim, we can also put you in touch with leading medical experts , who not only can provide detailed reports on you, but who can offer treatments to help you recover – the latter being the most important goal.

Whilst our physical office is in County Kilkenny, we can still work for you, no matter where you live. We have clients in Australia, Japan, Canada, Russia and elsewhere.

*In contentious business, a Solicitor is prohibited from calculating his fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.